Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Everyday Inflictors/caleb puckett

A tarot prizefight undersupplied with breathalyzers. The taskforce’s vendetta in erratic triplicate.The insomniac lobber, absolutization replier, scurf interrupter rambling laconically on a tide of traducement. Cataleptic scribes sermonizing powertrain insurance. Such frowzy horsepower. A gazelle set on a buzzard’s poormouth treadmill. A mundane wonder. The colostomy craving admission, devotion and regal skullcap. The madrigalist cartelism suddenly dewy with sentiency, cirrhosis and expurgation. Pink ass backslidden in unyielding hammock. The whole olio’s notation insinuating an exurbanite impediment rigorously overgeneralized for a reconciliatory login defense. The handgun heating unhygienic sociopathy in the city slick citadel’s wings. Desirous punctilio swelling the confraternity. Quite a managerial yam to yum over in the break space. The freehand flocculence all wavy. The analgesic idealist quaveringly kidnapping the transcript of the gravitator’s electrocution before instant replay. The repatriation of diode and spiel guffawed to countermand any gesture of remorse. A superhuman quorum for scrubbing the whole brutalization of dull, dull Bill. The conscience altogether musketeer and mothproof still.

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