Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Got Yr Back Bulwinkle/raymond farr

& so just die happy already, says yr friend at the unheated kiosk,
you’ve done enough to make us feel, to make us laugh Wendy Xu! 

                     But I see what you mean about the oxen John Lowther
& how they have too much say at the end of our meetings.
& even as past feasts of a sunset penetrate the liquid shield of my
grin Jackson Mac Low I practice writing my best 11 

sentences sequentially & then consume all the Ben Mirov I can-- 
the only man in town to hold claim to this title Robert Duncan 

tells me the oxen are not believable oxen! & we have a tooth for a
tombstone Charles Simic—& so we omit “Tronk Street” & 

“fucking strange pieces of lines” & no one gets hurt, nobody suffers
like we did

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