Wednesday, October 7, 2015

from TimeRhyme/joel chace


Newfangled heave.

Be sure & get a decent-looking chap of 16 years old or more. If you can also buy a beautiful 
Circassian woman for $2000, do so if you think best; or if you can hire one or two at reasonable 
prices, do so if you think they are pretty and will pass for Circassian slaves.  Don't fail to have 
rich-appearing costumes for her and the eunuch. If she is beautiful, then she may take in Paris or 
in London or probably both. But look out that in Paris they don't try the law and set her free.

Even after he lost his sight, he said, “Can you imagine me leaving Manhattan and going down to 
the Condo Commune in Florida with all my sisters, brothers, and friends?  It’d be like the blind 
sleeping with the dead.  I’ve been a lot of things, but never a necrophiliac.

Rhyme in my hands.

God loves himself with an infinite intellectual love.

I am almost ashamed to confess the truth, but I must say that there is hardly a person present who 
would not have talked better about their poetry than they did themselves. Then I knew that not by 
wisdom do poets write poetry, but by a sort of genius and inspiration; they are like diviners or 
the soothsayers who also say many fine things, but do not understand the meaning of them. The 
poets appeared to me to be much in the same case; and I further observed that upon the strength 
of their poetry they believed themselves to be the wisest of men in other things in which they 
were not wise. So I departed, conceiving myself to be superior to them for the same reason that I 
was superior to the politicians.

In circus band music, the time signature is always 1/1.

Just off the highway, bold in black paint on a low, rounded stone, “Rose +...”  Some poor guy is minus her.


Tomorrow, in one more day.

He’s a midnight classic, inventing his own, dark prison, and making up his happiness there.

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