Friday, April 8, 2016

baptized in sweet tea marinated in piss/billy cancel

     baptized in sweet tea marinated in piss    
bad teeth no reason     to laugh less     a gap
in the score for     specific waste     though
a candle consumes as     much air as
a man     ain’t no average candle     get bits of
lemon for the progress i make     with
these capers     rather
than furiously biting     man & horse alike         mosquito hawk
     caught up in the sickly stuff fancies     himself upon a rose
tinged cloud     reeling through space & though     i am liable
to similar episodes this
    disregard overture starts
out with a scheme of progression goes     on
to its logical end         the leech moves by
     affixing its rear sucker to
a surface stretching
forward then affixing its
front sucker & dragging
up its rear to begin the
process again don’t that
knock ya ?

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