Friday, April 8, 2016

new poem 4.12/Peter Ganick

please do not complicate what is
simpler than dropping a coin onto a charm.
it’s already there—
that which in affect becomes additive.
cold cutlery arranged in rows & columns—
& why?
[...motor skills of a moron collect atrophization
when rolling to barter with slaves...]
‘can you hear me knocking?’ sings an old pop song.
we are already waiting.
entertain any notion voluntarily—
as the crosswise dauphin reflects
while engaging chicken-proof-wired contractors
to phrase a contemporary additive
on what’s international & paisley.
not impressed—
are words collecting ashes in the corridor.
we are too early to lift baggage.
no one washes midstream anymore,
it being too dangerously appetizing.
this has been called ‘a stray mind’—
get used to it!.

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