Friday, April 8, 2016

Morse 1923/Daniel Y. Harris

His unsub name is Acute Coryza or Peter Precog.
Pick the pepper, the pickled pepper of hey diddle
diddle I feel you looking away from your research.
No one dies the voice of the age: no one nor when
scrappers roamed to pick up our rusted hvac trail. 
The imitators invent. My longueur to invent, say
in a while, dons a spodik. Eddy can’t stop staring
at the shrug. His work is neither closed by snips
nor casket lengths. Why did vexes come so easy?
The pharmatog cure is gritty with the grey scraps
of metal. Is Eddy’s blue guitar tuned 1923 yellow?
Is it tuned to West Rogers Park? He imps Y-ris
as the shtetl light in three golems of wiring skin.

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