Friday, April 22, 2016

In the Sheer Drop of Noise on a Highway/Raymond Farr

Back then my feet were sugar to wandering boys
& so I would never wear shoes

I left ashes in the air of the rooms I exited
I was clutching at isotopes but laughing in the bathtub

& you walking away with the bath water—
There was lumpy vomit all over yr bell bottoms

It was like you were standing there naked
On the other end of a pay phone, the words ORANGES

& SARDINES plastered across the vacant lots of yr eyes
It was like yr hands were paper nests piled on the trundle bed

& winter was a lion roaring in the sheer drop
Of noise on the highway—a flock of galumphing

Goldfinches twisted by nihilism into bird origami
Only darkened our view from the river