Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Sentencing Project (after When the Noon Wears Ermine – as suggested by Google)/Anne Gorrick

I wasn’t thinking about Futurestan, when the noon sun was
directly overhead at the equator and the noodles were uncooked
Noonday demons are an atlas of depression
She’s got noon tattooed in wedding wine text
You can wear my shirt, my eyelash extensions, my mollusks and annelids
Minor arcana supplement terrain features
A subminor solar fort is one definition of ascension
A worn path, cloudadjacent, a lack of color stocked with 500 fish
We are protected from receiving the wind
over a lake of beer for god
Sleeping children, dead languages, streambed alteration ragepond
A lake full of wolf eyes is a form of grammar
Books, smoke, reckless pride, balloons, trampoline ghosts
Cupcake text your glory chords as hatecargo
The little surprises in liquid sodium
A bible made of light, lime curd and liquor
Withdraw underneath an algebra maple
Linen drawings at fingernail latitudes, or am I just an abbreviated symmetry?
A few dollars combined with a man who makes potions is a wolf nightmare
a beautiful lack, a night of neglect, a noiseless patient spider
A sun angle calculator or an ornament savior
The singular plural will try to kill you
Singularity theorems, is your new red skull a game, a moon god?
On the skin brown plains, the sendusing configuration value is invalid
Her senile and delinquent prayers, seamless
Confetti lamps, rosemary, varnish ingredients
Her Mercedes has a flat as told by Ginger
After an oyster parade, mermaid remains washed up on the beach
Remorse code, Sermon Spice, sleep in the absence of photography
When your shoes are dated by violence, French horror falls out of your sleeves
The slightest whim adjusting slippers, neonatal gold
Indian genesis tree lyric, the state of matter at room temperature
Isotopes and fish density, delectation
Snore more like a fat and drunk smoker
The romanticism in Roman numerals, Totem Lake
Taped and gorgeous away farms, crossword cardigans
Idiomatic bed images, pig earth, their lips mimic grammar
Faced lined with sand, mousekeeping, metallic
Nylons, pizza, lactose, starch, monomania
She had an omenectomy for clarity, yet they continue to read her like Cinderella
They should cage lead singers at night
as they reminisce and collapse over their instruments
Artists smell like honey, foxes and heartbeats, the cloth of mountains, millinery
In Monstercockland, weddings accessorize the rain
Facts blow across this ocean, misnumbered
Simmer her in her shimmer lipstick
When is the mid-season miracle sale?
What if Memphis-bleak merchant ships were girlicious?
Was Thomas Jefferson also a Thai prostitute?
American dream therapy, or a god that never goes outdoors
A room with no floor, the shutters blow in, filled with toys, lyrics and lightswitches
Rectangle a square, rabbit a rodent, rose a monocot
One humid perspective, the moonlanding is blue tonight
River chattel, is leopard print stronger than chemotherapy?
How many calories are in the south of France?
Our skeletal structures follow a nuclear reaction
Thieving guide, valence shell, legs like twigs
Fables and masterpieces barely done by simple machines and sign beavers
Lessons learned from geese on bullying
Eye clothing, a nostalgia for nose bleeds, the awe in thank you notes
Moonsoup, moons named after gods and Shakespearean characters
What’s a noun that starts with “u”?  Understanding is uniform and uncountable
Lug nuts and ligaments, animal facts as pets and loss
Pearls that look artic attack, and then a Leonid meteor explodes
Relics of prayer float in the sky, relic hoarders
Sacramentary in your immortality suit, in the red jaws of your French palace
Origin wallpapers over pleasure
Losslessness joins decomposition, celandine demons
Your nausea, your appetite, the effects of alcohol, your stretchmarks
The appearance of your scars remove all doubt from reels of dreams unrolled

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