Saturday, October 1, 2016

helios/Matt Margo

the world-ocean returned Ϡ retired with mechanical problems Ϡ qualities parallel Ϡ displayed in a macedonian museum Ϡ a childlike moon Ϡ building a world class computer Ϡ kicked accurately and purposefully Ϡ summer with preservation and fall with destruction Ϡ full accreditation with no stipulations Ϡ provided on the basis of need Ϡ a badly-bridged crevasse Ϡ a tree with attractive pink flower bunches Ϡ over 120 pamphlets Ϡ faded in parts Ϡ shifting spots of light and shadow Ϡ no better place to set Ϡ particularly during hunts Ϡ between days and nights Ϡ skeleton and skull Ϡ available for download

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