Friday, October 28, 2016

Scavenger Hunt/Heath Brougher

The hidden pearl is behind
the hidden maple tree in
the hidden ocean near
the hidden bomb beneath
the hidden paint can around
the hidden Narcissist next to
the hidden airplane close to
the hidden Nitroglycerine right by
the hidden stockpile of gold bars just down the street from
the hidden waiting room just a stone’s throw away from
the hidden phantasmagoric mercurial whales sitting within grasp of
the hidden man hanging from a copper wire noose in front of a crowd of people all yelling 
and throwing things at his corpse that dangled in the air like a beehive in the breeze and 
you crawled your way across the filthy linoleum of this room in order to sneak out the 
door and find yourself in a world of raining ashes flittering black and grey from a sunless 
white sky as you spit out the soot that enters your mouth and cloaks your body suddenly 
and as you walk along wondering just what exactly is going on you trip over a pearl the 
size of Jupiter.

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